Olive Grove

Our Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is extracted from the olives from the trees of Nocellara Etnea, Sicily. The olive grove, in Siccagno, covers an area of 10 hectares, whereby the 35 to 40 year old olive trees grow on clay soils rich in minerals.
Our company, in fact, is just a mere 100 meters from the river Salso, surrounded by mountains, and the presence of a such a nearby river allows for the land to remain humid even in the torrid summers of drought that hit. We are based in Contrada Grottafumata, about 300 meters above sea level, to the west of the City of Randazzo in a completely natural environment, whereby a rich mantle of grassy sorrel keeps the soil constantly moist. We do not use copper sulphate nor any chemical agents for preserving our production from pathogens. The presence of many ladybirds and small lizards provide a natural defence against any parasites. The olives are hand-picked and pressed within 15 hours using traditional mill stone rollers rather than the metal tooth-grinders, where the extraction temperature of 26 degrees is maintained for a period of 45 minutes. The acidity of the olive oil peroxide level stands at the low value of 0.24 degrees, indicating a good level of polyphenol antioxidants.
The character of our olive oil is made up from the flavours and aromas of herbs, with a hint of bitterness that soon disappears and gives way to a light and slight spiciness, with a fruity finish. It can be used to flavour any dish, from sushi to grilled meats, from vegetables to grains or pasta. The intrinsic characteristics make this oil ideal for any preparation due to its flavour enhancing ability. 2015 is our first year of production.